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Cape Town South Africa

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"My time in Cape Town has been the highlight of my life. I stayed in a wonderful house with International students who have become family to me bonded by our memories together spanning from the Garden Route to camping in the Cedarberg Mountains".  

"Studying abroad in Cape Town was the best thing I’ve ever done.I discovered many things: how to travel, how to befriend different kinds of people, how to communicate with someone when you don’t speak the same language, the three kinds of Xhosa clicks, the deliciousness of milk tart, braaied meat and chakalaka".

"Studying abroad in Cape Town has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences in the past few months that I can’t narrow them down but right now, I’m thinking of the UCT Squash Team Formal, sky-diving in Namibia for my 21st birthday, white-river rafting and having my first ever braai".

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Cape Town South Africa - the best decision of my life

My time in South Africa was undoubtedly the best experience of my life. I gained a new perspective not only on South Africa, but on how the rest of the world views my own country. If students enter their study abroad with an open mind and curiosity they will definitely have a similar experience. While abroad I was surrounded by more diversity than I ever have been before; I got the chance to volunteer at a local TB clinic; I felt what it was like to be in a place that only recently escaped years under an oppressive government; I gained more knowledge in those 5 months than I did in my entire time in college. 
- Lacey N (Tulane University)

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A Semester in the Mother City

Coming from a very conservative city in the southern United States my experience at the University of Cape Town shaped me in such a positive way. The perspective I gained was one I could have only gained in this unique city. Cape Town is vibrant - a mixing pot of so many beautiful cultures accented with immaculate nature, unlike anywhere else, that sits conveniently in the center of the city and all around. The university is breathtaking as well and offers subjects of all sorts. The professors and students there made my academic experience an unforgettable one, although my semester in Cape Town fed me knowledge far beyond what any classroom ever could.
- Anonymous (Wofford College)

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Religious Studies Abroad at University of Cape Town

There is no way to describe the experience and do it justice. If you are on the fence about going abroad, just go. Of course it will be worthwhile. When during college will you have another opportunity to see things completely outside of what you have made them to be? I love William and Mary and I love my friends and the community here, but it's a bubble, just like any other college in the country, and you fall into a pattern and a lifestyle that you may not necessarily question. If I hadn't gone abroad, I never would have had room to fully breathe and grow the way you are supposed to during college, since I just wouldn't have been able to see things other than how had gotten used to seeing them.
- Julia R (The College of William and Mary)

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Cape Town was a wonderful new perspective on life

My study abroad experience was absolutely worthwhile, I wish I could have done a second semester because I loved it so much. Not only did I have a phenomenal time, I also learned all about those who live in Africa and go to travel and see a new part of the world. I have a much better understanding of community now and feel that I am more comfortable in racially diverse situations because of the things that I experienced during my time in South Africa.
- Victoria S (Villanova University)

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That Time I Was Abroad in Cape Town

I learned so much more about myself as well as various cultures while living in Cape Town. I gained independence and a new perspective of the world from my stay in South Africa.
- Allyson C (Boston University)

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Peak of my academic career thus far

Going abroad was easily the best experience of my life thus far. I got to take classes that are not offered at my home institution, witness nationwide student protests, explore the wildlife and nature, make lifelong friends, all in the beautiful city of Cape Town.
- Anonymous (College of Wooster)

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