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Orientation and registration

Orientation at UCT


International student orientation runs in the week before teaching starts. Through interactive activities and information sessions we welcome you to UCT and introduce you to Cape Town. Importantly, we

  • introduce the range of UCT student support services
  • explain our academic structure and rules
  • outline our administrative processes
  • and let you meet other students and make new friends!

The highlight of the week is a tour of Cape Town.  Be sure to RSVP to the email invitation to reserve your place!


Pre-registration clearance

Before you can register for the SSA academic programme, or enrol in any courses, you must be cleared by the International Office through a process known as pre-registration.

Pre-registration is a requirement under the South African Immigration Act. It is an immigration and fee clearance process to verify and then capture your passport, visa, medical aid and tuition fee payment information. 

We will send you details about how to pre-register. Please prepare in advance and ensure you have the following documents:

  • Original passport containing your study visa valid for study at UCT and the entry stamp received at the port of entry to South Africa
  • Proof that you have medical aid cover with a South African medical aid scheme for the full year (or for the duration of your programme of study if this is shorter than one year)
  • Proof of payment of fees
  • Photocopies of all the above
  • Your mobile/cell phone number, address and next of kin contact while in Cape Town

Click here for campus maps.



Academic registration as a UCT student, and course enrolment, are online through self-service using your application username and password.  We will email with full details about what to expect.

Once registered, you’ll have access to all student facilities including UCT Libraries, the wifi network (eduroam), Sports Centre and gym facilities. You’ll also be able to use your student card on the Jammie Shuttle free student transportation service.

Initially, you’ll be enrolled in the courses you selected in your application. You can switch to other classes during the first week of teaching by submitting a change of curriculum request to your faculty office.

Tips for registration

  • The administrative system at UCT is likely to be different from what you are used to. Come with an open mind and patience: we’ll do our best to make things as smooth as possible.
  • Don’t worry about registration ahead of time. We’ll explain everything at Orientation and will be on hand to help you if you run into difficulties.
  • Once registered, check your academic record (via self-service) to make sure your personal details and course selection appears correctly.
  • You have until Friday of the first week of teaching in the semester to change your course selection. Follow the prompts to submit a Change of Curriculum request to your faculty office or email for assistance.